Catapult Recruiting – The Trusted Boutique Recruiting Firm in the Tech Space

David Thompson, Tech Times 

Finding the right talent for a company is no easy task. Unfortunately, this has become even more difficult in recent years. With the evolving landscape of today’s workforce, there is more emphasis on company culture, values, and business alignments to produce high-quality work. As a result, employers are looking for talented, creative, and motivated teams that add value to their companies. At the same time, employees seek organizations where they will be happy and feel like their skills are being utilized.

Charlie and Jenny Phillips, the founder and client success manager at Catapult Recruiting, understand the challenge of finding the right person for any position. They created their boutique recruiting firm to help tech companies find talent that will best fit their company culture and offer a meaningful experience. Catapult Recruiting specializes in recruiting top talent for its clients by utilizing deep industry expertise, innovative research methods, and proven technology to connect companies with suitable candidates. With an emphasis on company culture and values, Catapult’s top-tier recruiters are well-versed in various technical fields and industries that align with their client’s needs.

Moreover, Catapult Recruiting understands the value of relationships and connections. As a boutique staffing firm, they focus on building meaningful and long-term relationships with clients and delivering top-notch results. To them, clients are more than statistics on a spreadsheet; they are valued and trusted partners. As a result, the company remains committed to building valuable relationships with employers based on mutual respect while delivering unparalleled service throughout the recruiting process.

Cory Price, Technical Recruiter at Catapult mentioned “I love having the opportunity to positively affect real-world changes in someone else’s life and being able to alter it for the better” when asked about why he loves being a recruiter apart of Catapult.

In its ranks, Catapult Recruiting prioritizes personal and professional development, which makes the team more productive and efficient. Every day presents an opportunity to improve the quality of their work, ensuring they provide excellent and efficient service to clients. The company’s recruiters are experienced professionals who understand the workings and pains of employers and job seekers; thus, they work as partners on both sides of the table.

Charlie Philips explains that recruiting in today’s landscape is not a walk in the park. The stakes are high for both employers and employees, so recruiters must bring their A-game every time they sit for an interview. Catapult Recruiting aims to deliver on the needs of employers or employees with utmost speed and accuracy. To this end, Catapult Recruiting has invested greatly in innovative technology and systems that help the team conduct in-depth searches, screen candidates for their clients, and save time on interviews.

Catapult’s commitment to providing superior customer service and its dedication to excellence has earned it numerous industry awards and recognition. For example, Catapult Recruiting was recently awarded the Top Global Business of the Year 2022 in the recruitment category and the Value-Added Services Award 2022 from Great Companies. This achievement came shortly after the company announced it had signed a 2-year federal contract with the department of education to help with staffing.

The Phillips believe that their success is tied to the community’s success. As a result, they are keen on participating in charity events and are deeply involved in the tech community through organizations like the Technology Association of Oregon. Their dream is to build a value-driven company with a legacy that extends beyond the recruitment space.

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