7 Surprising Things That Freelancers Can Do for Your Small Business 

Thinking of hiring freelance help for your business? If so, you may be thinking about hiring someone to help out with administrative projects. Having a virtual assistant checking your calendar or a bookkeeper balancing your books can certainly free up your time for more pressing matters, but there are so many other powerful ways that freelancers can help your business grow and prosper, beyond completing administrative work. Want to know more? Here are just seven of the many projects and tasks that freelancers can take on for your business in order to help it grow and prosper.

Grant Writing

If you want to hire freelancers, you may need more capital. So before you hire anyone else, think about hiring a freelance grant writer to help you access more funds for your small business. You can also complete these grant and funding applications on your own, including COVID-19 small business grants aimed at providing assistance during these uncertain times, but having a writer who has experience with drafting proposals can give your business an edge.

Website Design

Is your website user-friendly and attractive? If not, you could be losing out on a lot of potential customers. Now more than ever, people are beginning their search for small businesses online, so your website needs to be up to par. If it isn’t, you can always hire a freelance web designer to customize and improve your website. Catapult Recruiting can match you with a talented web designer, as well as other technology and engineering specialists.

Content Writing 

In addition to good design and user-friendly features, your website should also have content that engages visitors. Creating a business blog can be a good way to connect with both existing and potential customers, and to help them feel more vested in your business. If you don’t have a way with words yourself, you can hire freelance writers to generate captivating content for you.


Internet security is essential for small businesses. A single infected computer or system could end up costing your business thousands of dollars, not to mention damages to your reputation in the community. Thankfully, you can hire cybersecurity consultants or freelancers to set up layers of protection for your business so that you won’t have to worry about being targeted.


Branding and marketing are two different concepts, although they are closely connected. Because branding is so important, and is basically the foundation of your small business, hiring a freelancer to help you develop and evolve your brand can be a very smart move. Many businesses make the mistake of just hiring marketing help, but branding is the key to a successful and engaging marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing can be part of your overall marketing strategy, and social media marketing is becoming increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes. But connecting via social media can be tricky if you have very little experience. That’s why so many small business owners and corporate CEOs alike have hired dedicated social media managers. You can hire this professional on a freelance basis to start in order to keep your payroll and expenses low.

Event Planning 

Events are a wonderful way to connect with customers and network with other small businesses in your community. While events can be a lot of fun, they are also a lot of work to plan. From permits to logistics, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to hosting a big event. Missing any of these small details could spell disaster for your event or even legal fines for your business. To avoid these risks, think about whether hiring a freelance event planner makes more sense.

Freelancers can provide so much more than administrative help for your business. These professionals can give your business the edge it needs to succeed and thrive. So when you need help with marketing, events, or other tasks, consider hiring a freelancer.

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