Top Ten Technologies Driving Portland Companies to Hire

By Michelle Knight

The Portland, Oregon area offers vibrant careers in emerging technologies for you to grow and collaborate.

The Portland, Oregon area outshines other regions with various emerging technologies and a small collaborative community. Job opportunities range from cloud computing to implementing cyber-product security, applying mechanical and electronic troubleshooting skills to semiconductors, and managing healthcare data.

Portland metro hosts many professional IT meetups with engaging, talented, and synergistic participants, ready to learn and take technology to the next level. People’s active participation in newer technologies makes the Portland area incredibly unique compared to many larger cities, like Boston or Seattle. Groups meet online or offline, depending on COVID pandemic guidelines.

Hot emerging technologies include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Python
  • Software Developer Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)/ Terraform
  • Java Development
  • js
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing

Read further to learn about the top ten technology trends transforming Portland trades and communities and Catapult Recruiting’s deep insider knowledge about Portland’s technical job market.


Increased online business has companies demanding cybersecurity workers to protect from data breaches and comply with data protection regulations. Consequently, professions like the cybersecurity analyst salary grew 16.3% in 2020. According to the same 2021 Dice tech salary report, this cybersecurity profession will see a 28.5% pay increase by 2030.

To stand out as a Cybersecurity professional, you need to have a hacker’s mind when seeing potential system or software vulnerabilities and experience with cybersecurity best practices and standards (e.g., NIST 800-53 or ISO 27001).

Should you wish to develop your career further, Portland has an active chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) that meets monthly. Topics have included MITRE ATT&CK® and building a home intrusion system for fun.


Employers want work experience with python coding to automate tasks, advance artificial intelligence, and work efficiently with data. Should you be Python proficient, you will know the most favorite in-demand coding language, according to the 2021 State of Software Engineers report.

To win the job out as a Python developer, be comfortable and have experience using monitoring tools. If you have a bent towards understanding and meeting customer requirements, you will surpass the typical candidate.

Portland python professionals meet through the PortlandPythonUserGroup and Hack Portland. Between the two groups, you increase your knowledge through presentations and project hack nights.

Software Developer Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)/ Terraform

SREs work behind the scenes, applying software engineering to ensure an organization’s IT infrastructure and operations work for a business. These types of engineers use Terraform, an open-source tool that manages infrastructure.

O’Reilly foresees, with the increase of remote work and online business, rising demand for SREs. In addition to having Terraform experience, you will do well in the SRE arena with a knack for improving automation and operations.

Improve your SRE knowledge at the Site Reliability Engineering Portland meetup. This group gives exciting presentations and discussions (e.g., keeping data stores up and running).

Java Development

Employers like software developers to code in Java because it is portable, flexible, and scalable. Plus, Java has well-maintained libraries and packages. According to the 2021 State of Software Engineers report, Java remains a topmost requested skill by those that hire.

Companies want people with Java engineers who can work well independently, develop continuously, and know how to handle organizational turbulence and change internally and constructively with other team members. Portland offers plenty of opportunities to work on your Java code, troubleshoot your Java programming, and socialize at Mentorship Saturday.


Companies hire developers with React.JS experience to build user interfaces through the web and mobile apps. Software engineers proficient in React.js received 2.7 times more interviews across job platforms.

If you have experience developing and maintaining software as a service (SaaS) to scale, along with React.js, you will be very attractive to Portland-area employers as a software developer.

Opportunities to grow your React.js skills in Portland abound.

The Portland Programmer Network, which supports open-source languages like React.js, hosts various events and programmer peer mentoring nights. There you can learn and share programming knowledge.

Business Intelligence

Companies rely on business intelligence analysts to support strategic and operational decision-making through a company’s data. According to a 2021 Dice report, those skilled in business intelligence have seen their salaries increased 3.9% in 2020. Business analyst’s pay will continue to go up 9.1% over the next ten years.

Showing a knack for retrieving relevant information from several data systems and dashboards, in addition to translating business needs into technical specifications, will give your business intelligence candidacy an extra edge.

You can further develop your data analytical skills through Portland’s metro Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) chapter. This group discusses new data technologies and trends, such a machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and non-relational tools like MongoDB.

Web Development

Companies want web developers to design, create, and manage websites, including all the website code. The State of Oregon predicts web development jobs will grow 14.4% through 2029 in the Portland metro region.

Sought-after web developers have well-developed JavaScript skills, experience with agile or scrum methodology, and the ability to communicate with Luddite colleagues exceptionally well.

To further your web development skills, consider joining Portland-Idea-to-IPO. This group includes a combination of technical and business events to advance programming skills and understanding of entrepreneurship in the Portland area.

Cloud Computing

Companies pay vendors to service their computation, software, and storage services off-premises to focus on their business. As a result, these organizations want engineers with cloud computing experience. Cloud engineering salaries have grown 6.3% in the last year. Pay for this profession will increase by 9.3% in the next ten years.

Cloud Engineers that understand how to leverage the cloud’s flexibility and scalability, have substantial experience with agile principles, and good interpersonal skills will receive special attention from employers.

To further develop your cloud computing skills, investigate the Portland Programmer Network. This group builds community and networking around programming. There, you can bring your laptop and work with a mentor or peers to advance the coding skills you will need in the cloud.


Companies want developers to use Kubernetes or K8s to automate, deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications in a clustered environment. Kubernetes’ skills remain highly demanded.

To stand out as a candidate with strong Kubernetes skills, have experience with continuous development, write extensible code, and have a knack for testing code before submitting it. Learn more at New Relic, which hosts a series of virtual tech talks about new technologies, including Kubernetes.

Ruby on Rails

Startups like Ruby on Rails as an open-source coding language to develop websites and applications and quickly prove a concept. The 2021 State of Software Engineers reports that Ruby on Rails experience will get you 2.6 times more interviews than average.

Supervisors look at Ruby on Rails software engineers who leverage Ruby’s strengths and apply them flexibly to meet business goals as exceptionally talented. You can further develop your ruby skills at the Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby. The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month to share projects and tips.


Emerging technologies pushes Portland, Oregon companies, in a wide range of industries, to hire talented IT professionals. Catapult Recruiting has the specialized knowledge to connect you, as a talented professional, with the best job opportunity possible, in the Portland, Oregon area. From there, you will find plenty of learning and career growth opportunities through Portland’s collaborative and active IT community.