Catapult Recruiting: The Portland-Founded Recruiting Firm With the Goal of Creating a Lasting Impact

As most industries become more specialized, finding a job or getting the right employees is becoming harder. Even with top-grade degrees, for people to find the right place to work can be a genuine challenge due to the cut-throat, competitive nature of job-hunting. Charlie and Jenny Phillips identified this issue and have worked tirelessly to resolve it through Catapult Recruiting. This Technology Recruiting firm aims to build solid relationships and provide adequate services for both job-seekers and hiring managers.

Catapult Recruiting is a boutique recruiting and staffing firm specializing in the technology and engineering industry since 2015. Apart from just focusing on landing more prominent clients, Catapult Recruiting is highly focused on providing a seamless experience and is relationship-focused in every aspect of its work. Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, and as a business owner, staffing’s a top priority.

This journey wasn’t easy for Charlie, who has always been consistently supported by his wife, Jenny. Growing up in Portland and having lived there for 20 years, Charlie knew what he wanted to do and how he wanted to help people around him. At the company’s beginning, Charlie mentioned not taking a salary for the first two and a half years to make sure everything was reinvested in people and the team culture, which has helped the company strive in recent years.

Being the boutique firm it is, Catapult Recruiting takes a more human approach to its work and is deeply involved in the community. They invest in helping their clients fulfill their professional growth and their team members. This investment in relationships becomes fruitful in the long run as they can create long-term relationships with clients they partner with and create excellent recruiters on their team.

Wade Bird, Recruitment Manager at Catapult, commented, “A lot of recruiters perform their work more in a transactional aspect; we prioritize building relationships with clients and helping them with the little things that make the difference. As I like to say, If it’s possible, Catapult can do it!” when asked how they approach working with clients.

As a result of their efforts, Catapult Recruiting has recently been awarded the Top Global Business of the Year 2022 in the recruitment category and the Value-Added Services Award for 2022 from Great Companies. This comes after the news of the company being chosen by the government for a 2-years contract to help in the staffing of the education industry.

Charlie also mentioned during an interview, “Catapult wouldn’t be where it is now without our fantastic technology staffing team; they’re the reason we’re able to serve clients in the technology industry and keep on delivering great results for our clients.”

The company also goes above and beyond to help charitable causes like Habitat for Humanity. This nonprofit organization helps families build and improve places to call home and is involved in the tech community with organizations such as the Technology Association of Oregon.

Regarding working culture, Catapult Recruiting likes to take a relationship approach with the companies they work with. They tend to get teams with hiring managers via video calls and live calls to ensure they find the right candidates and ask deeply rooted questions about the work, so the hiring managers are getting the best employees for the work. This encourages recruitment and also gives them a budget, further narrowing down the kind of talent they’re looking for.

Catapult Recruiting helps candidates find the right career opportunities where they can be creative and express themselves fully. Beyond head-hunting, Catapult Recruiting finds heart and talent when matching people with opportunities.

Charlie and Jenny’s legacy goes on with Catapult Recruiting – they’ve started a company that cares about people looking for jobs and builds relationships with them instead of only looking for more prominent clients. With expansions on the horizon, Catapult Recruiting seeks to help even more people achieve the jobs and opportunities that are just right for them.

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