Catapult Recruiting Unveils Its SlingShot Methodology, a Unique and Highly Effective Approach to Recruiting and Staffing

Unlike most IT staff augmentation firms, Catapult Recruiting is highly selective about the candidates they propose and have high confidence in them because they’ve thoroughly studied all the stakeholders involved through their methodology. This ensures that they identify candidates who will attempt to thrive and deliver exceptional work as members of a project team.

Charlie & Jenny Phillips of Catapult Recruiting

The newly revealed methodology by Catapult Recruiting centers on quality over quantity, as frequent turnover on a project team is not only costly but also disruptive. By prioritizing a precise placement on the first attempt, the company aims to prevent the constant churning that often occurs when staffing firms overlook the importance of understanding both their customer and candidate pool.

The SlingShot Methodology is an approach rooted in a relational understanding of the staffing process. It applies assessment techniques adapted from other disciplines to build an in-depth profile of both the customer work environment and the ideal candidate, merging these findings into a unique Playbook, which then guides the search process.

As part of the new methodology, Catapult Recruiting will utilize this tailored approach to assess prospective candidates’ technical fit with the position’s requirements, as well as their personal characteristics, such as communication style, leadership ability, desired career path, and special aptitudes. This holistic approach ensures that the candidate and the client will enjoy a positive, productive, and durable relationship, leading to high first-time placement and retention rates.

Catapult Recruiting‘s customized playbooks guide outreach for each position and ensure thorough assessments of candidates to match them with the right job. They also provide assistance with onboarding as needed. The adoption of the SlingShot Methodology will enable Catapult Recruiting to provide even more value to their clients and achieve even greater success in the IT staff augmentation industry.

Charlie Phillips, Founder of Catapult Recruiting mentioned, “Once the onboarding is completed, our team uses our SlingShot Methodology to manage consultants and ensure the placement is productive and satisfying for all parties involved.” He added, “We conduct frequent check-ins with client management and evaluate performance to identify and resolve any staffing issues, which contribute to our high first-time placement and retention rates.”

Catapult Recruiting has provided staffing services to a number of government projects, usually as a subcontractor to the government agency’s primary contractor.

About Catapult Recruiting
Catapult Recruiting is a boutique IT staffing firm dedicated to providing high-quality staff augmentation services in the information technology and engineering fields to public and private entities. With offices in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington, the company is committed to diversity, equal opportunity, and fairness, providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants.

The company has received numerous awards such as:

  • The Value Added Services Award 2022
  • The Top Global Business of the Year 2022 in the Recruitment Category from Great Companies
  • The Technology Staffing Client Service Excellence Award 2022 from the Corporate Vision Magazine

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